At the very eastern border of the Sahara Desert, one of the most unhospitable regions of our planet meets an ecosystem, unparalleled in biodiversity and integrity: The Red Sea. Above the surface, nothing prepares you for the abundance of life you’ll find below. A stark contrast to a whole subcontinent, torn between economic struggles, political instability and the omnipresent hope of prosperity.

Down south, close to Marsa Alam, everything’s a bit more impressive. ORCA Dive Club Shoni Bay is in the exact prime spot to be your homebase to an unparalleled underwater experience. Nestled in it’s own sandy bay, protected by colorful reefs on either side and only a stone’s throw from world famous dive spots, such as Elphinstone and Abu Dabbab. On a regular basis, local residents such as Green Sea Turtles, Napoleon Wrasse, Barracudas and even the occasional Silky Shark will stop by and maybe even dance with you? When are you planning to go?

Over 85% of all coral reefs worldwide are critically endangered.
It’s upon us to conserve the oceans for generations to come.

Not everyone is at the top of the food chain, and a coral reef can be a dangerous place – especially when you’re among the tiniest creatures around. So whether you’re hiding in plain sight or have developed some incredibly smart defensive techniques, it’s always a good idea to have an ace up your sleeve. Some go as far as to dance with fire in their symbiotic relationships or to develop shapeshifting abilities and adaptive camouflage, just to stay hidden – whenever necessary. We want to give an insight into a select few of these astonishing skills and highlight the astounding variety of defensive measures.

Watch closely, or you might miss the most important things underwater. Join us on a dive to the very little big things!
THE SPELL – 2021

«The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.»
Jaques-Yves Cousteau

Once you’ve entered the magnificent world, which accounts for over 70% of our planet, you will start on your life long search, to find that one thing which drives you back underwater – over and over again. We have endeavoured on a search for adventure, emotion and a pure loss for words, to capture a tiny glimpse of what lies below. We have followed the spell.